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Providing Everything You Need To Make Your Investments Work For You

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Property Management

If you're a Landlord, or looking to become a Landlord, let us take some of the stress and questions out of your decision making equation. Flat fees, responsive customer service, and dedicated Property Managers - what more could you ask for? 

Maintenance Coordination

With a team of qualified service people, we have your basic maintenance needs covered! We will assess, coordinate and get problems solved - no up-charging or add-on service fees.

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Modern Architecture

Court Filing and Attending

If it ever gets to the point where you must evict a problematic tenant, we will file and go to court on your behalf. We have a fantastic track record of winning our cases, and we will fight to make every situation right.

Renting With Cityline

If you're looking for a rental, we can help you find the right place! 

Grow Your Vision

We're here to help you grow- let's go.

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